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Hey everyone!  Thanks for visiting my page!


I'm sure you just accidentally clicked on it but since you're here already and still reading you must be interested.


I'm 18 years old and have been with Crush House for 2 years. I've always loved and enjoyed singing and just being able to run the show. Along with loving to sing, I also enjoy family and shopping as well.


In my two years with CHE, I have gotten to experience many different times of collaborating with different artists and producers and being able to feel all the power and positive energy just flow in one room, and that is what I live for.


I have competed in hip-hop (dance) for several years and have also won some modeling contests.


My mom, Hilary and vocal coach, Jeb have really influenced me in not only my singing but also outside of that. My mom is really supportive of my music and is obviously with me every step with whatever comes my way. Jeb is also a great influence, pushing me to better myself inside and outside my music.


Zandria - Performance of Her Life
  1. Zandria - Performance of Her Life
  2. J Tubbs - Man I'm Fresh
  3. musegain song
  4. musegain song
  5. musegain song
  6. musegain song
  7. musegain song
  8. musegain song

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